Fairies vs Tentacles A silly comic about sexy fairies and naughty tentacles by eldrik aethervial. Fairies vs Tentacles I finished uploading all the older questions that were publicly available in download packs, and Sokaras tagged them all (Thanks Sokaras!) We’ve also been working on character sheet content, and a new section for that will be created soon-ish, along with a bonus art section and a fanart section, there’s still much work to be done. Regarding Grim fate comics As some of you know, I don't just work on Fairies vs Tentacles, I'm also the artist for "Grim Fate comics" by Sonokeeper. I've been asked by a few of you what would happen with Grim Fate after the Tumblr purge, and I finally got to discuss the matter with Sonokeeper. The gist of it, is that he's interested in newgrounds but the current interface to upload art is not friendly for comics.