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Janina Gavankar Gavankar has acted in theatre, film, television, and online. Her most notable roles include Iden Versio, a canon Star Wars character and the protagonist of Star Wars: Battlefront II; shapeshifter Luna Garza in True Blood, Papi in The L Word; Ms. Dewey, the personification of a Microsoft live search engine; and Shiva, the namesake of the sought after trophy on The League. She regularly appears in Funny or Die shorts. In 2006 she joined the cast of The L Word as a series regular, and shot all of the clips used for Ms. Dewey Iden Versio Battlefront II's campaign narrative and characters, including Iden, were developed by Electronic Arts's Motive Studios branch. Iden Versio is voiced and portrayed through motion capture by actress and musician Janina Gavankar. On the motion capture aspect of her performance, Gavankar commented "The technology has caught up so much that you can deliver a subtle performance and it will catch your micro-expressions [...] I decided to deliver as subtle of a performance as I would on camera. Janina Gavankar Her most notable roles include Iden Versio, canon Star Wars character, and protagonist of Star Wars: Battlefront II, shapeshifter Luna Garza in True Blood, lesbian lothario Papi in The L Word; Ms. Dewey, the personification of a Microsoft live search engine; and Shiva, the namesake of the sought after trophy on The League. She regularly appears in Funny or Die shorts. Janina Gavankar Janina Gavankar, Actress: The Way Back. Janina Zione Gavankar (born November 29, 1980) is an American actress and musician. Gavankar is also trained as a pianist, vocalist, and orchestral percussionist. She majored in Theatre Performance at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Gavankar's roles include Papi, a lesbian lothario in The L Word; Leigh Turner, a police officer on The Gates;. Janina Gavankar Official Site for Janina Gavankar. Any ad revenue goes to our volunteer admin. Thanks for visiting! Iden Versio Voice Janina Gavankar is the voice of Iden Versio in Star Wars: Battlefront II (EA). Video Game: Star Wars: Battlefront II (EA) Franchise: Star Wars. Iden Versio VOICE Janina Gavankar. Comments Add a Comment . SHOW COMMENTS (0) Why Is This One Of Your Favorites? - Share your reason with the rest of the community. My Reason: Characters left: 140 I Don't Have A Reason / I'll Add One Later. Be … Battlefront 2 Iden Versio Actor Responds to Criticisms. What do you think of Iden Versio? There’s a lot of pressure on her as a Star Wars hero, and so it’s expected that Gavankar’s performance and appearance would be heavily scrutinized.With that said, let’s try and be nice about it! In other Star Wars Battlefront news, the single-player campaign is to last 5-7 hours, a Nintendo Switch version of the game might happen, and new Battlefront. Iden Versio – – Entdecke Star Wars iden versiom actress nude iden versiom actress nude here.Images for iden versio actress nude Descrição: Papel de parede grátis HD Jogo Battlefront II Iden Versio Star Wars para PC, Notebook, iPhone, Android e Tablet. Iden Versio Iden Versio was a character created for 2017 video game Star Wars Battlefront II, in which she was portrayed by Janina Gavankar. Before the games release, Gavankar read the audiobook adaptation of the novel Battlefront II: Inferno Squad, which featured Versio. Janina Gavankar: Iden Versio Iden Versio : Yes we have, ma'am. And there's no excuse for it. And there's no excuse for it. Princess Leia Organa : Watching you fight today, it clear you're not just running from the Empire. Battlefront II Interview: Janina Gavankar on Iden Versio's. In this extended Star Wars Show interview with Janina Gavankar, a.k.a. Iden Versio in Star Wars Battlefront II, the actress discusses getting the role, explo... Janina Gavankar (@janina) • Instagram photos and videos 179.2k Followers, 457 Following, 2,215 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Janina Gavankar (@janina) Iden Versio Iden is a versatile hero whose vast amount of tools allow her to excel in combat from all ranges, be it short, medium or long. Her TL-50 is a deadly weapon with very high rate of fire with the ability to fire a deadly secondary fire which can take out three of the four default classes (the Heavy being an exception) and a cluster of enemies. Janina Gavankar (Iden Versio) on nerd culture and full. Janina Gavankar (Iden Versio) on nerd culture and full frontal nudity. Nerd Culture. Full Frontal Nudity. Janina was on a podcast I listen to this week and thought some of you might interested in hearing about the person behind the voice of Iden. 43 comments. share. save hide report. 71% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. Obey Me Chapter 2, a star wars fanfic Iden gripped his firm buttocks encouraging him to move. Del slowly pulled out, which made Iden whimper. He edged back in slowly, Iden gripped him tighter urging him to go faster. She was panting and writhing underneath him, he was finding it hard to keep control. She became annoyed with his slow movements. She quickly flipped them over and smirked down at his surprised face. He gripped her as. Star Wars Battlefront 2 Iden Versio MP Voice Lines 03.01.2019  · Star Wars Battlefront 2 Iden Versio MP Voice Lines. Game Star Wars Battlefront II; 2017; Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up … The Voice of Iden Versio 15.08.2017  · As well as being the Inferno Squad Commander, Janina is an outstanding actress who’s played characters in everything from Arrow to True Blood, as … Janina Gavankar – Wikipedia 23.10.2006  · Janina Zione Gavankar (* 29.November 1980 in Joliet, Illinois) ist eine US-amerikanische Schauspielerin und Musikerin Iden Versio Iden Versio, auch als Inferno Eins, Sigma-Drei oder Imperialengör bezeichnet, war eine weibliche Soldatin des Galaktischen Imperiums und die Commander des Inferno-Kommandos. Iden wuchs auf Vardos als Tochter von Garrick Versio, einem hochrangigen Offizier des ISB und Zeehay Versio, einer Künstlerin, die imperiale Propaganda-Plakate entwarf, auf. Als sie fünf Jahre alt war, trennten sich. Revealing Star Wars' Iden Versio to the World In episode 4 of Behind the Cosplay, IGN's own Alanah Pearce talks to the very first Iden Versio cosplayer and reveals the one she's built to Iden Versio hers... Zay Versio Star Wars: Battlefront II (Video Game 2017) Star Wars: Battlefront II (Video Game 2017) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. 'Mandalorian' Season 2 spoilers: Video game actress fuels. Your dream casting for The Mandalorian Season 2 just might come true, because if a hint from actress Janina Gavankar is any indication, then Iden Versio from Star Wars: Battlefront II might appear. Star Wars: Battlefront II's Janina Gavankar straddles. 04.12.2017  · She succeeded, as she is the actress playing Iden Versio, the main character of Star Wars: Battlefront II, one of the biggest games of the year from Electronic Arts. Gavankar is also a passionate.

Janina Gavankar Talks Iden Versio in an Extended Interview. The actress voices Commander Iden Versio in Battlefront II and she spoke about the role on The Star Wars Show this week in an interview with host Andi Gutierrez. Now, Lucasfilm has released an extended clip from the interview, featuring Gavankar discussing getting the role, tricking the story group's Matt Martin at Celebration, and her approach for playing Iden. Check it out below, In addition. Here Are Battlefront 2 Actress and Writers 16.04.2017  · Here Are Star Wars Battlefront II’s Actress and Writers Zarmena Khan Sunday, April 16, 2017 Yesterday, we got our first close look at Star Wars Battlefront II ‘s new character, Iden Versio. Star Wars Battlefront 2 Iden Versio is a crack Imperial commando and leader of the Inferno Squad, one of the Empire’s most skilled and feared special forces unit. She is also the protagonist of Star Wars Battlefront II. Battlefront II's Actress Was So Excited Presenting at EA. 10.06.2017  · This is Janina Gavankar, the actress behind Commander Iden Versio in the new Star Wars Battlefront II. She’s an American actress that’s played roles on … Star Wars: Battlefront II (Video Game 2017) 17.11.2017  · Iden Versio: You deserve better than this. Admiral Garrick Versio: No, I don't. But you do, Iden. You deserve to live in peace. Go. Survive. Live. Storyline Plot Summary Genres Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | War Details Release Date: 17 November 2017. Language. English, Portuguese . Country of Origin Sweden, USA . Filming Locations New York City, New York, USA. Related News. 14 November … Star Wars Battlefront II Born into the Empire, Iden Versio leads the elite group of Stormtroopers known as Infer... Iden Versio vs Han Solo Inferno Squad Inferno Squad, or simply Inferno, was an Imperial Special Forces commando unit commanded by Iden Versio during the Galactic Civil War. Inferno was first commissioned to infiltrate and destroy the Dreamers, an extremist group composed of former members of Saw Gerrera's Partisans that were not present with Saw on Jedha after the Battle of Yavin. They were later utilized again by Admiral Garrick. iden versio Nov 18, 2017 - iden versio | Janina Gavankar es la actriz tras Iden Versio en Star Wars. Janina Gavankar, the person who played Iden Versio says. Janina Gavankar, the person who played Iden Versio says this. It’s after ROTJ, it checks out. But it’s all still speculation.

The Empire's Elite Strike Team Rises in Battlefront II. The audiobook version, thanks to some Force-like synchronicity, will be read by actress Janina Gavankar — Iden Versio of Inferno Squad in the game. is excited to present an early excerpt below, in which we see the genesis of this Imperial all-star team. Star Wars fans: meet Inferno Squad. The four young officers obeyed and turned to look at Admiral Versio expectantly. He had. Janina Gavankar Janina Gavankar is a voice actress known for voicing Amita, Iden Versio, and Lola. Take a visual walk through her career and see 4 images of the characters she's voiced and listen to 1 … Iden Versio Iden Versio's Abilities. Droid Shield: Iden's droid creaters a protective shield around her. Pulse Cannon: Fires long range, charged shots for heavy damage. Stun Droid: Iden's droid stuns an enemy. The stun can chain to nearby enemies. Weapon. Iden's TL-50. Race. Human. Affiliation. Galactic Empire. Other Heroes Darth Maul. Be Aggressive. The sinister Sith Lord aggressively wields a double. Zeehay Versio Zeehay Versio was a human female who was the mother of Iden Versio. Zeehay was a premier artist who created propaganda posters for the Galactic Empire's Coalition for Progress, including the Young Imperials Can Reach The Stars which depicted Iden gazing up raptly at the stars. At some point she was married to Garrick Versio, an admiral in the Imperial Security Bureau. When Iden was five years. GIF Janina Gavankar Voice actor Janina Gavankar (Iden Versio) in the game Star Wars Battlefront 2