Kittenshift17 Kittenshift17 is a fanfiction author that has written 71 stories for Phantom Stallion, Harry Potter, A song of Ice and Fire, Avatar: Last Airbender, and Veronica Mars. Kittenshift17 18. Give a brief character description of your main characters. Antonin Dolohov - I tend to imagine him as being in his late 40s or early 50s (think 48-55) for most of my fics, barring APU. Kittenshift17 Kittenshift17, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 908 likes. Fan Fiction Author. Kittenshift17 09.10.2019  · An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Kittenshift17 (Author of Moonlight) Kittenshift17 is the author of Fervidity (4.60 avg rating, 5 ratings, 1 review), Stripped Bare (3.83 avg rating, 6 ratings, 1 review), Moonlight (4.80 av... kittenshift17 Author: Kittenshift17 Summary: Draco has been given an ultimatum by his parents. Stop fornicating with every pureblood witch of high society and marry before the year is out or be cut off financially. Hermione has caught Ron cheating on her and breaks off their engagement. With the media all over her she needs a plan to simultaneously hurt Ron. Kittenshift17 Writer. Reader. Slytherpuff. Werewolf. Join the discord!! Just a bunch of fun prompts for your OCs, ranging anywhere from questions to tag memes and character creation games! Kittenshift17 The first panel is a one-eyed cat writing in a notebook. There's a speech bubble above the cat. It says, "Writers have an amazing superpower." Second panel is the notebook from the first panel with a purple magical squiggle wafting out and creating a purplish magical vortex. Kittenshift17 An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Fervidity by Kittenshift17 Fervidity book. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. When Hermione Granger is caught by Snape she must fake her death with Snape Tip of My Tongue Chapter 1: Prologue, a harry potter. Tip of My Tongue. By Kittenshift17. Prologue: 2001. Narcissa Malfoy was a sensible woman. She liked things to make sense and she liked them to be straightforward. She hadn't always been that way, but in the three years since the end of the war, she had discovered she liked things in her life to be uncomplicated. And so, as she sat at her dining table having a spot of breakfast with her husband. The Potions Master 06.07.2009  · Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone The Potions Master. Kittenshift17 Kittenshift17, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 935 likes. Fan Fiction Author. CJRed — Author Profile:... Author: Kittenshift17 Rating: M Genre(s): Angst, Romance Chapters: WIP Word Count: WIP Summary: With the wizarding population at an all time low, the Ministry enacts a Marriage Law, magically pairing couples who’d never in a million years agree to even speak, let alone wed. Paired off with Malfoy, Hermione has to suffer the added indignity of. Watch kittenshift17 HD kittenshift17 and porn videos, Hot online porn clips and free kittenshift17 and xxx tapes. Tweets with replies by Kittenshift17 (@wolfgirl_17) The latest Tweets and replies from Kittenshift17 (@wolfgirl_17). Writer ~ Reader ~ Slytherpuff ~ Tea ~ Fangirl ~ captain-kittenshift17 ~ Kittenshift17 on FB, AO3 and FFN. Brisbane Australia Tatiana and Krista Hogan Tatiana and Krista Hogan. Gefällt 10.728 Mal · 13 Personen sprechen darüber. Tatiana and Krista are just like every other child. The only difference is that God made it so they would never have to be... FictionHunt Paroled to preserve their magical bloodlines, Thorfinn Rowle and Antonin Dolohov are just trying to get on with their lives. A drunken one night stand between Hermione and Thorfinn, coupled with Dolohov's obsession with the curly haired witch, lead them toward a series of unexpected, but not entirely unfortunate events. phantom stallion Author: Kittenshift17. Summary: Hermione Granger receives a strange and beautiful gift anonymously, and is swept off her feet at the Ministry’s staff Masquerade Christmas Ball. Caught beneath the mistletoe, Hermione finds herself snogging an incredibly intoxicating young man, only to be shocked when she learns with whom she had been locking lips.. Author Profile: Kittenshift17/Kittenwolf17/wolfgirl17 We're Dramione fans helping Dramione fans find what they're looking for. Check out our many tags and other resources! If you can't find what you're looking for, send us a … Time Travel *with* a Return? : HPfanfiction Used to Be Mine (WIP) - Kittenshift17. Evanescent Memory - DragonFire10. Building a Mystery - StBridgit (there were some changes to the timeline, but a lot of it stayed intact.) I think the lowest word count I’ll go for is 60k. Also, I prefer something with a HEA/The pairing is able to be together when Hermione gets back please :) Thank you!! Adult Located : Harry Potter > Threesomes/Moresomes: Draco is furious with Harry. Everyone treats Harry Potter like he's Merlin's gift to wizards and Draco wants to take him down a peg. Maybe no one will ever find out what he does with Harry's body after hours. Sixth year, Draco hasn't taken the mark and isn't working for Voldemort. Smutty, smut. reylo Stories Find the hottest reylo stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about reylo on Wattpad. Reviews: When Sorrows Come 2/9/2018 c2 Kittenshift17 I'm not usually a fan of fics where Hermione has a swath of children, but this could be funny. I see Henry as the comic relief in this. 50 Must Take the Tumble by kittenshift17 (#43) There was never a hatred so profound as that of Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, but when a challenge is issued the pair embark on a roller-coaster ride of emotions and confusing, passionate meetings. Enemies with Benefits never tasted this good, and Rose is going to learn there is a whole lot more to.

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Reviews: Ghosters 7/5 c4 Kittenshift17 I confess, I would like more character building moments with Marcus. More detailed scenes featuring him. Blaise too, for that matter. But I am thoroughly enjoying this story, just the same. Adult Located : Harry Potter > Het - Male/ latin for "all is normal". Harry potter is sick of his life after the war. He decides to make fate his bitch and mess with the time line a little. Sending himself back in time is far outside the bounds of reality, but instructions for a single spell? That is much more doable. At the beginning of. dramioneasks Hi! I was just looking through the draco!werewolf tag and I noticed a fic that wasn't there. I'd like to recommend 'Howl For Me' by Kittenshift17 on ffnet. Thank you! Thanks! Howl For Me By:... Stories by Kittenshift17 Stories by Kittenshift17 Limerence Laws by Kittenshift17. War breeds chaos, but no one ever imagined the Ministry would make a move like this. A law that every witch must marry two wizards seems a step too far in Hermione's opinion. Especially when it's her subconscious infatuations that see her paired with two wizards who would sooner kill each other than play nice. multi slash. christinamarie128 ****NEW STORY**** AUTHOR: Kittenshift17 TITLE: Winter Has Come. SUMMARY: Reunions are funny things and when Gendry, Tormund, the Hound and Jon are reunited with the women they love, it’s clear that these fierce warriors have a little more than just surviving the Long Night on their minds. Any good Snape/Hermione time travel fics? : HPfanfiction Of Ticking Clocks and Beating Hearts by Kittenshift17. Hermione is approached by Dumbledore with a time-travel safeguard to right the wrongs of the wars. Sent back in time to the first year of the Marauders schooling, Hermione is given a De-Aging potion to begin Hogwarts over again only this time she must get herself sorted into Slytherin to. aster “You’ve got mail” Hermione smiled, among the whole other voices she’d heard, she’d never tire of this one because this one meant he sent a message. Fatum: Room 216 Kostenlos Filme Anschauen -Kittenshift17 | FanFiction.Kittenshift17 is a fanfiction author that has written 64 stories for Phantom Stallion, Harry Potter, A song of Ice and Fire, Earth’s Children, and Avatar …-Ministério das Relações Exteriores – Brasileiros no Mundo.O MBA é formado por mulheres brasileiras que moram em Phoenix, AZ. O grupo foi criado em junho. Remus Lupin A mysterious item and mischievous Marauders end up accidentally shoving Remus Lupin into another time and place where he has to rebuild his life from scratch, deal with the aftermath of a war he hadn't yet been a part of, all with the help of new friends and a special young witch. PrincessJasmin An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works

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Hermione Author: Kittenshift17 Summary: Hermione is approached with a time-travel safeguard to right the wrongs of the wars. Sent back in time to the first year of the Marauders schooling, Hermione is given a De-Aging potion to begin Hogwarts over again only this time she must get herself sorted into Slytherin to befriend Snape and some other ‘at-risk. always_jumping_ships An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Harry Potter FanFic Archive :: ALL story ratings are. Summary: DO NOT READ THIS FIC!!!...Unless you're interested in Satire, Bestiality, Dubious Consent (there doesn't seem to be a Dub-Con category--so fair warning), barely of age in the UK, New York (and some other US states), France, and other European Countries (yes, 16 is the legal age of consent in many locales), and some seriously naughty kink.. SATIRE Kayrune Mior Aziz Kayrune Mior Aziz ist bei Facebook. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Kayrune Mior Aziz und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen. Facebook gibt Menschen die Möglichkeit, Inhalte zu teilen und... (Beta) Harry Potter Of Lies, Deceit, and Hidden Personas by Jessikaa15 on FFN is FANTASTIC. it’s a dark!trio with manipulative!dumbledore and sane!voldemort. it’s hplv and it’s currently ongoing at 52 chapters. i love all of the characters characterizations and has just the right amount of everything in there. it has friendship, love, humor, angst, drama, and history!! it does a fantastic job of making the. Ireallyenjoyforgetting An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works MrBenzedrine Rewrite The Stars" -- inspired by the musical, "The Greatest Showman". "Rewrite the Stars" by MrBenzedrine Summary: 1800's Magical AU. The wizarding world is intolerant of anyone different, but George Weasley has a plan to change all of that: he wants to feature the oddities of society, including 'fantastic beasts and magical plebeians alike'. Dramione Recs Title: Sabotage Author: LoveBugOC Rating: K+ Genre(s): Romance, Angst Chapters: 5 Word Count: 14,933 Summary: Draco Malfoy is proud of his daughter, especially since she takes after him.So when she comes up with a plan to sabotage her mother’s upcoming marriage, he agrees and takes matters into …